Keep your HVAC maintenance in the fam

I don’t know if you have any highly trustworthy people in your life, but I can tell you that these folks are lifesavers.

Especially when they have skills.I have a lot of handy friends, including mechanics and plumbers. They regularly bail me out of difficult situations and help me to get back on my feet – without throwing away my entire savings account for a professional service that takes only an hour or so. This is how I manage to get by on a low income. One of the handiest people that I know, however, is my older brother. He became a heating, cooling, and air quality control technician a few years ago and makes incredible money doing HVAC work. He installs both residential and commercial indoor air handling solutions. I know that he’s incredibly busy telling people how to improve their breathing and temperature control options. He’s always installing massive heating and cooling equipment, air media purifiers, and dehumidification devices. Any time we speak he has a new story from the latest heating and cooling installation job. That’s why I feel terrible asking him for help with my own tiny indoor air quality control setup… but at the same time, I don’t want to pay another professional heating and cooling technician to come give my AC a maintenance appointment. I just call my big brother and ask if he can squeeze my HVAC onto his busy schedule. Sometimes I have to wait a few weeks for him to troubleshoot my HVAC system, but in the end it pays to have people in your life you don’t have to over-pay.

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