Learning requires the right HVAC

I have been getting my masters degree for the past year or two.

I have to say, the program leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m happy with how it fits into my day to day life.

I’m able to do my school work from anywhere because it’s an online program that I applied to. This gives me a lot of freedom to travel, to take care of myself, and to do my other jobs. The only things that are complicated about my schooling setup at the moment are finding adequate indoor heating and cooling to keep me comfortable enough to concentrate and securing a solid internet connection so I can reliably get my work done. The thing is, it’s pretty hard to find both conditions. I can easily get good internet access but then I’m usually suffering in an ice cold eating establishment or a burning library. I rarely have any control over the indoor air quality control settings… and honestly… It feels like the people working in those awful air conditions don’t have the right to touch the thermostat either. I feel bad for them and immediately scoot out to find better indoor air quality as quickly as possible. The only problem being, I can sit in my car and have the best indoor air quality control… but then I often can’t get enough internet signal. I wind up with bountiful air conditioning blasting on my face, which feels amazing.. But my work progress halts. I love being able to work and study from anywhere, but I wish that every HVAC system was as powerful as my remote life.
Residential HVAC

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Cape Town, South Africa