Owning a house is hard

I don’t know what I was thinking when I jumped into securing a mortgage for a new home and actually followed through on purchasing a brand new home.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing exactly, but I knew that I didn’t want to keep paying rent out the nose for a subpar apartment in a city I didn’t care about.

The truth was, I just wanted to live alone in the woods and be left alone. Instead, I wound up buying a piece of property in the suburbs just because it seemed like a good deal. Now let me tell you, I am regretting all my decisions. I thought this big home would be amazing, but it’s just expensive and stressful. Especially when it comes down to the heating, cooling, and indoor air quality control equipment in question. You see, the old central heating, cooling, and ventilation system was supposed to last another ten years or so according to the property inspector. Instead, I found that there were issues with the central indoor air quality control equipment on the first day that I moved in. There were a ton of hot and cold patches throughout the house, there were uneven temperatures popping up in every room, and the heating, cooling, and air quality control system was making a ton of noise. I called the local heating and cooling repair shop after getting my first super high energy bills and asked what I could do. Unfortunately, they recommended adding more insulation to the whole house and replacing the entire HVAC system right away. I couldn’t afford all that temperature control maintenance work, so I just wound up living in discomfort. Now I’m wishing I was living outdoors, without HVAC to worry about.


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Cape Town, South Africa