I entertained the thought of putting an air conditioner in the barn

My son wants me plus our hubby to put a/c out in the barn, but I suppose that it’s the dumbest program that I’ve ever heard, then nobody in their right mind would ever put a/c in a barn, however I mean, when people leave the doors open in their homes, other people entirely ask them if they had been raised in a barn, but that’s because you always leave the doors open in a barn! The whole reason that you leave doors open in a barn in this Summer is so you can start cooling them off when the outside temperature is too hot! I guess our son didn’t ever entirely get this memo because he is so aggravated about the fact that the barn doesn’t have any a/c in it, so he is always worrying about the fact that his critters might be getting too hot.

I guess that’s a fantastic thing; I am ecstatic that he cares so much about his critters.

I just don’t care enough about them personally to entirely have a commercial HVAC contractor come out here to install some kind of crazy overpriced cooling program in the barn for them! I also keep telling our son that it is just not going to happen, despite the fact that he gets entirely aggravated about it plus says that his critters are going to overheat plus die. I just do not suppose that is the case, first of all, the temperature around here is not all that hot; second of all, critters have lived in barns for hundreds of years plus been just wonderful with it all.


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