My daughter’s softball team is selling tickets

My daughter’s softball team is selling raffle tickets to raise money for their travel season for next year.

They are going to be raffling off this really nice heating and cooling system that they got from one of the local HVAC companies here in town.

The HVAC company is one of our main sponsors and so they have been really generous with the team. This heating and cooling system is high efficiency and it’s going to be a really great prize for someone whenever they finally finish raffling it off. When we started selling tickets, there was a mad rush for them. I don’t know if everyone around here needs a new HVAC system or what, but it seems like everybody in town wants to buy a ticket from the softball team. I guess that’s a really good thing, because we are going to make all kinds of money off of this prize! The HVAC system is already paid for completely, because the HVAC company decided to just go ahead and donate it. They did not even make us pay for anything. I can’t believe what a great sponsor we have for the team. I don’t think that these girls really realize just how lucky they have it. Most of the teams around here in this town have to scrimp and save to make enough money to travel to different tournaments. I think we’re going to actually have lots of money left over! We will probably end up buying new equipment and everything. I’m going to make sure to spread the word about what a great HVAC company it is.

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