Going to Buy a Small Portable AC Unit for my Bedroom for Next Summer

I think the best time to buy an air conditioning unit is during the coldest season and coldest time of the year, so I’m going to wait a few more weeks for the weather to cool down and then buy the unit.

I know a lot of these heating and cooling companies have extra inventory left over from the summer and they want to make space for the winter equipment, so they will sell it at a good discount if you are willing to buy it then. I just need to buy a small unit because my central HVAC system is costing me too much money to keep me cool during these hot summers. The power rates have gone up so much that it is very difficult to stay comfortable and pay your rent at the same time. I think I will get a roommate soon, and hopefully this girl coming on Friday is a good fit and then she can move in with me. She works at the local business down the street teaching yoga ,and I also do yoga, so it should be a great fit. Then I can run my central air conditioning unit in the summer time without stressing out about paying my rent every month, because I will only have to pay half of what I pay now. It all comes down to how well we get along when we meet on Friday, so we will see in a few days. I need to leave now and go find a HEPA filter for my central air conditioner and heating unit because the other one is totally finished.
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