I need to be warm when I take a flight

I pretty much have to book a plane ticket in a little while to go back to the States, however all of my money is wrapped up in cryptos at this moment so I am hoping that they explode before it’s time to get that ticket… I just need to decide if I want a single way ticket or if I should buy a round trip ticket because I am not sure when I want to come back to my own place.

It’s a fairly long flight in that freezing air conditioned plane & I am not looking forward to that to be honest.

Of course, it’s the only way to get there so I have to deal with it. It would be nice if I was able to bring a small portable oil furnace with me to keep myself sizzling because it’s so frosty in that plane at different times, & those tiny blankets they deliver you basically cover your legs only. I suppose I could ask the airplane stewardess if I could have 10 blankets & possibly that would keep me warm. I am sure they would not let me take a type of oil furnace on the airplane with me if I could find a single one that was battery operated, or jammed into the USB port on the plane. I just do not prefer how the air is blowing on me all the time & cooling me down when I am trying to stay cozy for that long flight home. Maybe I’ll just wear my winter season jacket instead of bringing the area oil furnace with me, & stay nice and warm that way. It all works out somehow I guess.
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