I’m lucky to have found the roofing contractor that I found

I didn’t honestly know what I was going to do when a tree fell on the dwelling plus I had to upgrade the roof, but the tree was in the front yard of my dwelling for approximately thirty years… It was tall plus strong plus residing a full life.

The limbs were strong with beautiful red leaves. I never suspected that the tree was rotting from the inside out. I didn’t really know where to go or who to turn to when the accident occurred. Fortunately, I contacted a truly nice roofing company that handled all of the work that was needed plus the insurance claim. The roofing dealer came out to the dwelling plus we filled out paperwork. I heard from the insurance company next. They approved all of the disfigurement plus then the roofing company completed the work that was necessary. I never had to cover the cost for anything and even my deductible came out of the amount of money for the roofing job plus the dealer considered that when he gave me the estimate initially. I wish it would have been that simple when there was plenty of damage to the roof of my commercial building. They wanted to get paid up front. Even though I have dealer insurance plus property insurance, the commercial roofing company was asking for half of the fees for the job up front. I contacted multiple other companies to see if there was anyone else that would do the job up front plus wait to get paid from the insurance company, but none of the commercial roofing dealers wanted to wait for payment on a huge project such as this.


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