Not looking forward to a cold plane ride

I pretty much have to book a plane ticket in the next few weeks or so to go back to the States, however all of my cash is wrapped up in cryptos right now so I am hoping that they explode before it’s time to easily purchase that ticket.

I just need to decide if I want a one way ticket or if I should buy a round trip ticket because I am not sure when I want to come back yet.

It’s a lengthy flight in that ice cold air conditioned plane and I am not looking forward to that in the least, however it’s the only way to get there so I pretty much have to deal with it. It would be pretty amazing if I could bring a small portable furnace with me to keep myself hot because it’s so nippy in that plane occasionally, and those tiny blankets they give you basically cover your legs only. I suppose I could ask the airplane stewardess if I could have some more blankets and maybe that would keep me warm. I am sure they would not let me take an actual furnace on the airplane with me if I could find one that was battery operated, or able to be plugged into the USB port on the plane. I just do not appreciate how the air is always blowing on me and cooling me down when I am trying to stay hot for that long flight back to my place. Maybe I’ll just wear my winter jacket instead of bringing the space gas furnace with me, and stay hot in that way. It all works out somehow I guess.


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