It’s Such a Simple Thing to Build a Beehive in Your Own Yard

After the pandemic, my neighbor Lisa decided that she wanted to travel to the country.

She is a small town girl, and moving back to the country was something that she always talked about. And going through quarantine just confirmed that she no longer desired to live in the city. So, she discussed it with her fiance Mark, and they purchased a gorgeous new home by a lake along the countryside of the state. I am a large town girl, however I must admit that I fell in love with their home. I wouldn’t live there permanently, however I would use that as a spot to go when I need an escape from the city. A couple weeks ago, Lisa and I were chatting on the line, and she mentioned that they created a beehive in their yard. I didn’t realize that this was something Lisa wanted to do, however while residing in a rural section this is something that is perhaps normal. She explained that Mark was able to build a Langstroth hive, which is the simplest beehive to build for beginners. It has small hive boxes that are stacked on top of each other with frames for where the honeycomb will be built. Once the hive was created, they contacted a local beekeeper who was able to help them set up the colony. She was so enthusiastic about having fresh honey from her backyard to use in her teas, and in her pastries and meals. She gave myself and others some honey, and I am actually looking forward to trying the raw honey that my neighbor harvests from her backyard.


Honey bee rescue

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