A fun little cooling industry field trip

I have been in charge of the training program at the AC business for a few years now, as well as I enjoy it. Something about instilling critical skills in people fills me with great pride as well as joy. I always organize a trip to the supplier district’s cooling industry so they can have the opportunity to see the chronology of the cooling technology used in the cooling equipment in person. Though they can learn about the advancement of technology as well as the introduction of newer heaters as well as AC products, seeing them live helps the new recruits put a name to a machine. This year was no different. I organized a trip to the supplier center with my students as the last activity of the week. The recruits looked forward to interacting with some of the best equipment, including the air conditioner units as well as the programmable control units. It was a very hot afternoon, but that did not dampen our spirit. Every one of us got to the center a little past ten. The supply center assigned a cooling expert to take us around the place. He took us through the top quality Heating as well as A/C we would handle as well as started the tour. Our first stop was where all the new models of Heating as well as A/C systems were stored when they hit the market. He then showed us a short video of an air conditioner replacement, as well as boy, did my Heating as well as A/C techs ask a thousand questions. I felt legitimately proud because questions often mean they understand or seek to understand things better. One of my students even challenged an experienced Heating as well as A/C professional to a contest to see who would remove as well as install air conditioner filters. I proudly report that my student won, even by a heartbeat. Every one of us had such an informative as well as educational afternoon.

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