A shop attendant with the mind of a cooling expert

I have never been a football fanatic, but I have favorite teams, especially when it comes to the world cup.

Recently, I met this man who loves another group.

I do not mind it, and in fact, I enjoy that we support different countries. He has been telling the history of his favorite team in the world cup and the other leagues. Each year, the team dawns a new jersey with a completely new design. Before the league started, we would visit the town sports shop to get the new jerseys. I had been postponing it because of work. I work as a cooling expert in the cooling industry, and summers are a busy time. Apart from doing multiple deliveries of new HVAC equipment and components, I was also involved with air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs. We finally visited the store on the weekend when my schedule opened up. My experience with quality HVAC has not only given me more knowledge about air conditioning systems, but I also unconsciously notice great indoor comfort. Though the outside was boiling, the store had excellent cooling. I spotted the splits on what I assume was a mini-split air conditioner. I commented on the ideal cooling equipment, and the shop attendant indulged me in conversation about the heat and AC products. She studied to become an HVAC tech and knew a lot about the equipment. She was very knowledgeable, mainly when discussing the different air conditioning filters. I didn’t ask, but I wondered why she never pursued to be an HVAC professional since she sounded very passionate when she explained why the shop had opted for a programmable thermostat. Her knowledge of cooling technology would have made her an excellent new contractor.
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