Queen of heat and AC products DIYs

Frugal can easily pass for my middle name.

I often come up with different hacks to avoid spending money on something.

My heating and air conditioning system had enough duct tape to stretch for miles. I believed I could fix anything that had to do with cooling technology, not that I had professional training or was a cooling expert. I was quick to extend the courtesy to my close friends. I remember when I offered to help a friend with their cooling equipment, which was not getting to her desired temperature, however much she tried to reset the programmable thermostat. It worked for a day, but she was back to the same problem and had to call an actual HVAC professional to fix the issue. I always bought a washable air conditioning filter because I could not fathom throwing it away after using it only once. The challenge came in when I had to purchase a new HVAC; one look at the prices and I was ready to forego having quality HVAC. I was distressed and told my friend that the most dreadful thing had happened. When I told him what it was, he could not help but laugh; you would think someone had told me it was the apocalypse. The HVAC tech relayed the dreadful news to me during the annual maintenance, which I adhered to faithfully. Even though I knew more about the cooling industry than he did, he still helped me go through heat and AC products and find one ideal for my home. We then went to the local HVAC business and talked to the new contractor, who would be the one to handle the air conditioning installation.

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Cape Town, South Africa