Programmable control units became mainstream in the 90s

Are you old enough to remember the cartoons The Jetsons? It was on air back in the 60s and aired until the late 72s’, it was a cartoon that took place in the 21st century where everything was automated, but the family had a robot for a maid, and there were flying cars, had facetime calling, the dad worked from home, their home was in the sky, and so much more, but everything the family needed was at the push of a button and all of us are literally living the cartoons in real time right now.

Technology has advanced so much over the years.

The two of us have so many odd gadgets that have made our lives that much easier; Some people are ok with this technological wave, while others would care about to keep things as they are. I am indifferent to it all. In my opinion, if a robot or a gadget can improve my life or save myself and others some money, then all of us am on board with it, however for instance, I have a Smart programmable nesting control component in my lake beach house and prior to installing the control unit, I did the research on it to see all the benefits of the control unit, and turns out the programmable control component can make my lake beach house more comfortable while saving myself and others money, and of course, that is a no-brainer, so it was easy for myself and others to purchase the component and install it in my home! Programmable control units became mainstream back in 1977 but some devices that operated enjoy a control component have been traced back to the early 1900s. Of course, technology has improved since then and I am cheerful that I can benefit from all the improvements that have been made over the years.



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