Always hire professionals for Spring AC service

Look, I get why men want to consistently repair things around the house.

This is especially common with boys who grew up enjoying their dads doing the same.

And they learned from them the multiple basic skills to maintain a house. However, when things take months to be fixed, it can be quite discouraging. I know my partner is the best at fixing things, and I saw his handy skills when we first got together. He even built the bookcase and dining table in the house. But, at that time he was in between jobs, and he had time to do all these projects. Heck, he even diagnosed our first born so I went back to work early. But, now that he is running a corporation and I work full time, he barely has time to repair things. So, I opt to hire an expert to come in and handle the strange problems. Some I can hire a handyman and it’s done well, however other jobs like AC service and service, I hire an AC expert. My partner tried once to repair a faulty AC and we ended up needing to replace the unit. That was a tough lesson, however we learned it! Now, I always make sure the AC expert comes by at least twice a year to do service. The heating system isn’t quite an issue since winters are mild. But, we can’t make it without the AC. Hiring an AC expert is never an issue, however my partner is always mad when I hire the handyman. Still, I chose to do it, otherwise, we won’t have any working appliances in the house.

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