Andrea invited Liz to her house when she was having AC repair

Andrea is always happy to have Liz around.

They are more like sisters, and not best of friends.

At the time they met, Andrea had just divorced her cheating partner, and was in such a poor place, then while she did feel relieved to be done with that chapter of her life, Andrea also felt anxious all the time. Someone encouraged her to go to grief support groups for loss. These groups don’t only cater for those who lose their loved ones, however also for divorce and such problems. Andrea hesitated for some time, however when the sadness was too much, she forced herself to go. This is where she met Liz and they have been friends for the past 4 years. Liz lives on a farm outside the city, and Andrea in a house in a fancy area. Last week, Andrea invited Liz to her place so they could catch up, and she also had a surprise for her. Liz arrived and saw an Heating and Air Conditioning van on the driveway. She rang the bell and Andrea came to let her in with the biggest smile on her face. She apologized that she was having some AC service done by a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, however they would still go on with their afternoon. Since Liz spends so much time on the farm taking care of her pets and crops, she barely gets time to go to the salon. So, Andrea organized a relaxing afternoon for them where they’d get their hair and nails done, and later a massage. Liz was so happy with this and didn’t mind that it was a bit hot in the house. She knew the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was on the job, and he’d ensure they have cool air blowing from the vents in no time.



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