It turns out dad’s AC device was too old

Dad has a booth at the farmer’s market, and it’s quite popular with the young crowd in the area.

There is a school where my dad lives, and the students enjoy the farmer’s market.

When school is in session, they come out in droves to hang out, buy a few supplies, and eat. My dad has a booth where he sells homemade treats, and he was a pastry chef for multiple years before he retired to take care of mom. He’d be home baking while caring for her, and sell his treats to the neighbors and their friends. After mom passed away, I encouraged dad to get a booth at the farmer’s market. This would get him out of the house, and give him purpose. At first, he was hesitant, so I made sure to be with him during those days when he set up his booth. Then, slowly he began getting close with the university crowd, and now they flock to his booth. We also do a YouTube channel and this has led to even more success for his pastry business. Last week, I was free from work so I went home to help dad with a big order. He was in the family room when I arrived and was covered in sweat. The cooling system was on, however the house still felt so hot given that the ovens were running. I asked dad about the poor a/c in the house and he said he wanted to take care of it. However, he was so busy and always seemed to push it to a later date. I knew of a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation offering the same afternoon service so I phoned them. They sent someone to the house the next afternoon and he told us the device was too old and it was time for a replacement.


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