Little things add up to air conditioning savings

Lately, I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the details of the moment and worry less about what I perceive as the big picture.

  • And believe it or not, that’s really working out for me.

I’m much happier inside the zone controlled HVAC of my office. Too often, I’ve tried in vain to get ahead of any and all potential challenges or obstacles. That’s resulted in a lot of wasted energy preparing for stuff that never happened. Just living moment to moment has allowed me to be nimble enough to meet challenges as they arise. But I don’t spend all day inside the commercial HVAC in a giant stress ball. I’ve been also trying to bring that approach home to the central air conditioning of my home. Again, I often try to deal with things that aren’t really a problem before they happen. I’m bringing my moment to moment approach to my relationships with my family members as well. And it’s been really positive for all involved. This doesn’t mean that I don’t plan some things. I mean, I just had the air conditioning tune up completed by the HVAC professionals. It’s getting close to the Summer heat and humidity whacking us around for four months. And saving on air conditioning is always front of mind. But that too is getting the moment to moment approach as well. I’m still going to program the digital thermostat for the peak heating hours of the day. But I’m also going to do stuff in the moment to save. Just the little things like closing the door immediately. And grilling out so as not to heat up the house. I might even put the laundry out to dry in the sunshine. It’s the little things and moments like that which will make a big difference down the line.


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