My cats appreciate to follow the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist

When I first brought my kittens home, I must admit I was in over my head.

My folks told me it was better to rescue one, and give the rest to a shelter.

But, it was hard to imagine separating these little beauties that I’d found when jogging. On that fateful afternoon, I chose to jog a new route I had discovered. Being new to the area meant I didn’t know lots of places, so there was still much to explore. My neighbor is the one who told me about this route, so I decided to check it out. While passing this area, I saw something run back into the bush and thought it was a small pet. Then I heard a slow ‘meow’ and knew it was a kitten. I stopped to investigate and out of the bush emerged 4 kittens, crying out, and they looked so malnourished. My folks who were visiting helped me nurse them to health when I got them to the house. And that’s how I ended up a parent of 4 cats. The first time the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came to the house, we had a discussion about how to improve the indoor air conditions. While I love my cats, having 4 of them in the house was affecting the indoor air quality. This was the first time the cats saw the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, and I think they liked him. Every time I contact the Heating and Air Conditioning business, they seem to send him, and my cats constantly hang around him. I actually caught them one time sneaking into the basement after him when the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was checking out the heating system. It’s the cutest thing to see.



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