She even came with special air filters for homes with lots of pets

Randy has 6 cats that live in his home.

At first, he didn’t intend to rescue so many of them, however this is his new reality.

And in all honesty, he seems to be enjoying this situation, and so does his bestie. Before he met Lindsay, Randy was dating another girl, and at first, all was well. However, she started distancing herself from him when the second and third cat arrived. By the time he got his 5th cat, she broke up with him citing she just couldn’t handle all those pets. Well, she wasn’t the right one, and Lindsay is proof of that because she also has her 3 cats. Together they care for the 9 of them with so much love and compassion, and even vlog about their experiences. When it was time to move in together, Randy and Lindsay searched for the best house that came with land because they were pet parents to 9 cats. The house they found was in an excellent area with lots of walkways, and open fields for the cats to run around. However, the Heating and Air Conditioning system was an issue from the moment they moved in. This Heating and Air Conditioning system wasn’t meant for a house with so many pets running around. The dander, hair, and stinks were getting quite overwhelming since the Heating and Air Conditioning system couldn’t get rid of all of it. They kept changing air filters every other week, and they were consistently filthy. So, Randy and Lindsay decided to consult a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist on this matter. The lady who came to their house was so knowledgeable that she even came with special air filters for homes with lots of pets. Her advice also included shifting from the Heating and Air Conditioning system to a heat pump and heating system, and adding a whole home air purification system.


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