We were saving up for geothermal heating in our home

We’ve been married for 8 years, and have known each other for 11.

When we met, we had nothing to our names.

Both of us worked for minimum wage, and life was hard. I admit I even suffered from substance abuse, however you get to write your future. I consistently credit our success to my partner who is and has always been the rock in this marriage. When we met, she was clear that she wouldn’t even talk to me if I kept up with my poor behavior. And for some reason, I wanted her approval, so I cleaned myself up. While working, we started a small side hustle offering pet standing services, and she went on to get her certificate to become a certified pet groomer. I’d later join her in the business, and we now run a successful venture, but recently, we began renovating this house we bought 3 years ago, after reaching our savings goal. Part of why it’s taken so long is because we want to put in geothermal heating in our home. And anyone who knows anything about this type of heating knows it costs an arm and a leg. The first time we researched geothermal heating, we saw it can cost somewhere between $17700 and $30000. We consulted with a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and their sales rep came to our home. He took us through the costs of geothermal heating upgrade, and we got a free bid of $25000. We’ve been saving up because we also want to get a new roof installed after the work with the geothermal heating is complete. That way, our house will be in the best shape for a long time.

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