I heard as if water was running from my air conditioner

I was about to get home and cry my eyes out.

See, this was all my friend’s fault.

She was the one who thought I’d die alone because I wasn’t dating. My last heartbreak had been awful, so I chose to take a break from dating. However, Milly heard that I was never dating and was worried I’d be living alone with my cats. So, she convinced me to go out with a guy she knew. He sounded so nice, at least that’s what I thought from the little she told me. On the day of the date, I chose to get myself to the restaurant instead of having a stranger pick me from my house. He was pleasant at first, but that quickly turned sour. He was a condescending jerk, and I felt tired by the time we said goodbye. I felt tears in my eyes on my way home, and burst out crying when I entered my door. As I got a hold of myself after a good cry, I heard a strange noise. It was as if water was running from my air conditioner which was so odd. The air conditioner issue took me away from the awful date and I went to investigate. I had never heard that noise from my air conditioner before. My brother is an HVAC expert and he lives just three doors from me so I called him and explained the sound. He came by even though it was late with his tools at hand. It turns out to be a clogged condensate line that he had to fix. After that, we sat down for a drink and I told him about my dating experience. He always tries to use humor to calm people down, and within no time I was laughing out loud while plotting revenge on my friend.


Air conditioning installation

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