Mom wanted to know why her AC was blowing out warm air

Summer times are quite busy for mom.

In fact, it’s all year, but for some reason, summer sees her do the most work.

When my dad passed away, mom had to find a way to pay for the house. She’d always baked for special occasions, and even sold some of her cakes and treats. However, she never turned it into a business. Now that she needed more money to survive, mom chose to turn her hobby into a business. I have a good grasp of social media marketing so I helped her spread the word. We made videos showcasing her treats and cakes, and even did how to bake videos. This helped to create a community, and they all came to place orders on the website we set up. Mom was doing great, and I was so happy for her. One morning, she called saying she didn’t know why her AC was blowing out warm air. This was distressing since baking can make a home even warmer during summer. I told mom the best thing was contact an HVAC expert to sort that out. I was away, so she went ahead and phoned a local HVAC business. They sent out a HVAC expert who diagnosed the issue as a clogged air filter. This was preventing cool air from blowing into her house. We had completely forgotten that it was time to change the air filters. It’s important to change air filters at least 3 times a year to keep the HVAC unit running effectively. A clogged air filter can lead to all types of issues including lowering the unit’s lifespan.

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