The heating and cooling business had some excellent deals

Joel and I had plans to drive into the city and spend some time at the mall.

Working at the farm is lovely, but we needed a break.

So the plan was to finish all the chores, then we’d hit the road. Farm work at times feels like it’s an all year affair. There are animals being born, crops to be grown, repairs to be made, items to sell at the farmers market and so on. However, we feel more fulfilled at the farm than we did when working in the city. So this isn’t to complain but rather to address that at times you can get tired of the same environment. Every now and then we plan a day out where I get my nails and hair done, and Joel does his thing. Then we have lunch or an early dinner, do some shopping, and head back home. While in town, we came across a new heating and cooling business set up. It seemed to be quite inviting with the adverts on the window stating different offers. We needed some new air filters, so we went in to see what they had in stock. This was the best idea since the heating and cooling business had some excellent deals. We managed to leave the store with two boxes of air filters, and two new space heaters. We could always use space heaters at the farm, especially on freezing winter nights. So this was an excellent purchase. We also got a portable AC that would come in handy for the animals on heat wave days.
Air duct cleaning

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