I was interested in the heating and air conditioning industry

Whenever I was about 15 years old, I ended up dating this girl in my class.

I was still in high school at that point, of course, and she was my first real lady. We had a really great time together and we had a whole lot in common. We were in love and it was a crazy romance, you know how it goes when you’re young and in love. You always feel like you’re totally crazy about each other and if nothing will ever come between you. Well, that’s exactly what ended up happening with this girl. Her dad was the owner of the largest Heating and Air Conditioning business in the neighborhood and so I ended up getting a Summer job working for him when it was the Summer between our junior and senior years. I really had fun learning all about the Heating and Air Conditioning profession, and as time went on I chose to go to school to get my Heating and Air Conditioning certification. During this entire time, we were still dating and growing closer and closer. By the time we graduated from high school the next year, we had decided to get married. I kept on working for her dad and now we have been together for 18 years. We have been married for a long time now and her dad ended up giving us the entire Heating and Air Conditioning business when he retired last year. I never would have thought that all of this would have turned out this way when we first started dating way back in middle school. You never know!


air quality

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